Attention to the market and its constant transformations led to the decision to invest heavily in understanding and using the new technologies, not least through professional training of personnel, to be able to offer cutting-edge solutions.

Systems designed according to the criteria of rationality and efficiency, to optimise energy consumption, save on management costs and reduce environmental impact.



Analysis of the requests, site visit and preparation of a plan of action.


Detailed definition of the project and schedule.


Implementation of the project and verification of progress.


Assistance and maintenance service to guarantee efficiency and quality.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy sources are forms of energy alternative to the traditional fossil fuels available everywhere. They are defined as “inexhaustible” as they regenerate in a time equivalent to that of their utilisation and their use does not therefore compromise the natural resources of the future.
They are also clean energies, in other words, they do not emit harmful or climate-altering substances, such as CO2, into the atmosphere. The environmental impact is zero: they do not produce either greenhouse gases or pollutant waste requiring disposal.
Greater attention to the environment in which we live, the quality of life for future generations and maintenance costs have led to the ever more widespread and incentivised use of these sources: photovoltaic for electricity, solar thermal for hot water, heat pumps and geothermal energy for hot water and air conditioning and biomass for producing heat.
With its long experience in the sector and efficient use of energy sources, ZORZETTO MARIO Srl promotes the development of pioneering systems, reducing environmental impact and saving energy and money, in support of sustainable progress.

Heating systems

ZORZETTO MARIO Srl produces heating installations for civil, industrial and public buildings.
The heat generation systems may be fuelled by methane gas or LPG, liquid fuels such as diesel or low sulphur fuel oil, biomass, air or water cooled or absorption heat pumps, geothermal systems and integration with solar panels.
There may be various types of heat carrier fluid distribution system made from traditional materials such as steel or copper, or innovative materials such as cross-linked polyethylene, multilayer and other materials made available by the most modern construction techniques.
The heat distribution elements vary according to the installation and may include air treatment units, fan heaters, fan coil units, radiators, radiant floor, ceiling, and/or wall panels, radiant tubes recycling the combustion products, gas fired radiant tubes, vertical and horizontal hanging fan coils and radiant ceiling panels.

Air conditioning systems

ZORZETTO MARIO Srl’s air conditioning systems may be either direct expansion or hydronic and range from simple split systems to variant refrigerant volume (VRV) or variant refrigerant flow (VRF) systems, simple water-cooled heat pump water chillers, geothermal systems and gas fuelled absorption chillers.
A number of heat carrier fluid systems may be used, made with either traditional or more innovative materials.
The wide range of machines and equipment available, together with constant personnel training, also ensures that all materials are used correctly.

Sanitary systems

In domestic water systems, the hot water may be produced traditionally by a hot water cylinder connected to a boiler, or directly, by solar panels, a recuperator on the condensing circuit of water-cooled heat pumps or an instantaneous water heater.
The terminal elements (in this case sanitary ware and taps) can be chosen from our showroom and range from basic sanitary fixtures to the most sophisticated designs.

Fire prevention systems

MZ produces fixed fire suppression systems with manual or automatic extinguishers. Pressurization units are supplied and installed in large tanks with technical compartments and storage tank.
All pressurization systems comply fully with current safety and construction standards and regulations, guaranteeing performance characteristics appropriate to the fire load.
The external parts of the distribution systems can be made in materials such as steel with cast iron fittings or mechanical joints, with interlocking or glued high-density polyethylene or PVC for the underground parts.
Fire extinguishing systems are also produced with aerosol gas and cabinet, hydrant, reel or automatic sprinkler extinguishers.

Gas systems

The company produces distribution and feed systems for low, medium and high pressure fuel gases and technical gases.
The external parts of the distribution systems can be made from steel or copper, while high-density polyethylene or polyethylene clad steel are used for the underground parts.

Irrigation systems

A good irrigation system saves water and time, guaranteeing just the right amount of liquid with regular distribution controlled by an automated programme.
The irrigators may be of various types: from static irrigators for small surfaces to dynamic versions for larger areas and drip tubing for hedges and plants.
ZORZETTO MARIO Srl’s experience is a guarantee of efficient and reliable systems, conceived and designed according to sun exposure and type of vegetation and land.

Process systems

ZORZETTO MARIO Srl produces production installations at the service of large and small companies.
Our expertise in this field includes steam and diathermic oil installations, compressed air distribution systems and production cycle cooling systems.
It is our proud boast that the availability of cutting-edge machines and equipment, together with continuous personnel training, makes us genuine specialists in the sector.

Electrical systems

The experience acquired over the years by our technicians and the work of valid professionals enable the company to guarantee top quality installation of electrical systems in full respect of standards and regulations in both the civil and industrial sectors.
As well as installation, MZ also provides a scheduled and special maintenance service as a guarantee of improved efficiency over time.
Professionalism and competence are guaranteed by the use of cutting-edge instrumentation and technical equipment and high quality products.

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