With its long experience in the sector and efficient use of energy sources, ZORZETTO MARIO Srl promotes the development of pioneering systems, reducing environmental impact and saving energy and money. Attention to the smallest detail and great flexibility enable the company to tackle every project with extreme precision, in full respect of the customer’s requirements.

Constantly up-to-date and guided by a certified organisation, the technical department coordinates all phases of the project: a total approach to resolve all types of complexity. The consolidated know-how is accompanied by profound dedication to the company’s work, in the awareness that the only way to offer top quality products and compete stably on the market is through a love and commitment to what you do.

The growth and recognition achieved by the company are the merit of those working there: qualified technicians and consultants, united by a passion for their work. A team of motivated, continuously trained collaborators with the ability to coordinate technical knowledge and professional experience. The synergy between the various departments and common company objectives give ZORZETTO MARIO Srl important added value, recognised and appreciated by the market.


ZORZETTO MARIO Srl was set up in 1966 at Gaiarine in the province of Treviso on an initiative of the founder, Mario Zorzetto. After starting out life as a simple plumber’s workshop, an understanding of new technologies and their use, together with the employment of ever more highly qualified personnel, enabled it to rapidly achieve important goals in the heating, air conditioning, plumbing and sanitary sector.

Operating both in Italy and at international level, the company stood out for its great determination and desire for growth, becoming one of the most important companies in the Triveneto region of Italy.

As well as the management and technical departments, the company also included an extensive warehouse and fully equipped workshop. On a 9,300 sq m site, its fleet and highly qualified personnel enabled the company to satisfy the most diverse needs of the market, in full respect of the regulations in force.

Significant dates

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